PureGenomics® FAQ

Are dosage suggestions for the products included in the report?

The dosage does not differ from the recommendation on the product label. Other assessment methods may be used to arrive at a precise dosage. For example, measuring serum folate may provide insight into how much folate is needed. However, the recommendations on the product label will be appropriate for the majority of individuals.

If blood levels or other lab values do not indicate a nutrient deficiency but the PureGenomics® report recommends a supplement, how would one proceed?

A SNP cannot diagnose a nutrient deficiency. However, a SNP helps to identify whether a patient is likely to require additional amounts or a specific form of a nutrient. Nutritional assessment testing is useful in making final decisions regarding the need for supplementation.

Do I need to dispense all recommended supplements for a given SNP?

For several SNPs, multiple supplements are suggested. However, the patient may not require all of them. The selection can by fine-tuned by assessing nutrient levels or other types of testing you would normally include in patient evaluation.*

Do my genetic results from other genetic testing labs work with PureGenomics.com?

PureGenomics.com is only compatible with 23andMe® genetic data.

Can I order 23andMe® kits through Pure Encapsulations?

You can order the kits directly through www.23andMe.com. Please note that Pure Encapsulations is not affiliated with 23andMe®.

I am a resident of a state where 23andMe genetic testing is not available (New York and Maryland). How can I use PureGenomics.com?

Please visit these links for more information:



I have already received 23andMe® results for myself and family. How do I process the results via the PureGenomics® platform?

Simply register at PureGenomics.com with your Pure Encapsulations account number and last name. Follow the steps on “Getting Started for Practitioners” on the homepage.

I have been ordering with a distributor, do I need to set up an account with Pure Encapsulations in order to use the program?

Yes, you will need a Pure Encapsulations account number in order to use PureGenomics.com. Please call 800-753-2277 to speak with a Customer Service Representative or register for an account online at www.PureEncapsulations.com.

Can I order from 23andMe® directly on their website or do I need to login to PureGenomics.com first?

You must order 23andMe® genetic testing kits directly from their website and do not need to login to PureGenomics.com to do so.

What is the cost to use PureGenomics.com?

PureGenomics.com is free to use!

Can patients see product recommendations on PureGenomics.com?

Yes, they are able to see this when their genetic results are uploaded into PureGenomics.com. They do not, however, have access to pricing or purchasing.

How long after a patient does their 23andMe® test will they get their raw data?

The patient will receive their results within 4 to 6 weeks.

How long does it take to get the 23andMe® raw data interpreted via PureGenomics.com?

Once the genetic data is uploaded the patient will see their results immediately. This information will automatically be populated to the practitioner’s dashboard.

Can I register my patients for PureGenomics.com if they have not received their 23andMe® results yet?

Yes, you can add the patient and the patient can then register on PureGenomics.com regardless of whether or not they have received their 23andMe® results yet. They can upload their genetic data when they are notified by 23andMe® that their results are ready.


If there are millions of SNPs, why does the report only show 8?

Most SNPs have no effect on physiology and therefore lack medical relevance. PureGenomics® includes SNPs that are:

  1. relevant to health,
  2. validated by published research, and
  3. responsive to nutritional support.
PureGenomics® is a dynamic and evolving website application and new SNPs meeting these criteria will be added over time.

Will I need to repeat the 23andMe® test?

Since a person’s genome sequence cannot change, the test only needs to be performed once.

Why is SAMe recommended for the COMT Val/Met 158 SNP?

This SNP decreases the stability and function of the COMT enzyme. SAMe helps to stabilize the enzyme and provides the methyl groups it needs to function properly.*

A patient has a -/- (green) result for FUT2, and vitamin B12 was recommended. Why?

In this case, having a SNP actually offers some degree of protection from B12 deficiency. Research suggests that this SNP increases B12 absorption, as studies link +/+ and +/- results with higher B12 levels. In a meta-analysis, serum B12 levels averaged 44 pg/ml higher in SNP carriers compared to -/- genotypes. Patients with a -/- genotype, or absence of the SNP, particularly vegetarians, are likely to benefit from supplementation.*


Does the PureGenomics® Multivitamin contain enough 5-MTHF, P5P and vitamin B12?

The PureGenomics® Multivitamin contains enough of each nutrient to maintain adequate status in many individuals. However, individuals with methylation SNPs are likely to benefit from higher doses provided by the additional products indicated in the PureGenomics® report.*

When is Adenosyl/hydroxycobalamin recommended over methylcobalamin?

Individuals with the COMT Val/Met SNP commonly report feeling stimulated or restless when supplementing with methylcobalamin. This effect is seldom observed with hydroxy- and adenosylcobalamin. Both forms are effective for vitamin B12 repletion and maintaining healthy levels.*