Nathan Morris, M.D.
Kelly Heim, Ph.D.

Seek New Potential

PureGenomics® is a practitioner-exclusive website application that identifies common genetic variations known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) that are clinically relevant and nutritionally actionable.  This unique platform makes it easy to TEST, TRANSLATE and TARGET SNPs with the right nutritional support, empowering practitioners with precision and confidence in the pursuit of optimal health for every patient.

This unique platform enables you to TEST, TRANSLATE and TARGET important Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs):

  • TEST for nutritionally relevant SNPs with saliva-based personal genome analysis kits by 23andMe® , a personal genomics and biotechnology company. Simply visit, order the kit and follow the step-by-step instructions to obtain full-service genotyping and secure, downloadable results.

  • TRANSLATE results to nutritional recommendations with This innovative website application:

    1. Receives the 23andMe® results
    2. Identifies well-researched, clinically relevant, actionable SNPs
    3. Translates results into specific recommendations

  • TARGET with personalized nutritional support. Pure Encapsulations’ PureGenomics® platform of products provides specialized support with targeted ingredients at clinically relevant doses, and in clinically relevant forms.*

Developed in collaboration with Nathan Morris, M.D. and Kelly Heim, Ph.D., PureGenomics® empowers you with the knowledge and products needed to bring personalized nutrition to a higher level of precision. Learn which gene variations exist for each patient, and make rational, individualized supplement decisions with confidence.*

Nathan Morris, M.D. is a family practice, trained functional medicine practitioner. He specializes in determining connections between seemingly disparate clinical observations, approaching the body as an integrated whole. Dr. Morris applies genetic testing as a tool to objectively guide personalized approaches.

Kelly Heim, Ph.D. is a nutritional pharmacologist in research and development at Pure Encapsulations. He is a graduate of Dartmouth Medical School, where he conducted functional genomics research. His publications and lectures have highlighted evolving concepts in nutrigenomics, nutritional endocrinology and polyphenol biochemistry.

Dr. Morris is a Pure Encapsulations Medical Advisor. He has been retained as a consultant in advising Pure Encapsulations. He is compensated for this service.